I woke up one day with ringing in my ears. I had no idea what was going on. I thought oh it will go away but it didn't. It was so distracting for me. It affected my everyday life. I went to the ENT doctor and he said it was tinnitus. Never even heard of the word. I searched the Internet and came across Audibel. Made an appointment and they fitted me with a tinnitus hearing aid. That saved my life and I can now say happily that I can concentrate on my work and everyday life. Thanks Audibel, you are a lifesaver."

Mary Lou Gonzales

Mary Lou Gonzales

"Audibel has been great about getting and keeping my hearing aids in A-1 shape. Everyone is helpful with any questions etc. All of the representatives have been so nice and friendly and helpful. The every 3 months cleaning and check ups were so helpful. I would advise anyone needing hearing aids to go to Audibel. Having a company doing business with whose owner had a hearing problem himself, who knew exactly what I needed made it a fine experience."

Sharon Proctor

Sharon Proctor

Dawn and Debbie

Dawn thought her hearing loss only affected herself, so put off getting help. Then she realized her family was affected, too.


See what made Todd change his opinion about hearing aids and why he regrets he didn't change it sooner.


Jim didn't want to wear hearing aids because he thought the technology was "old". He changed his mind when he heard how much hearing aid technology has changed.

Terry Testiomonial- Tinnitus Treatment Solution

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