Game changing sound with Edge Mode

Our industry-leading sound performance takes Via Edge AI to new heights, providing you with instantaneous adjustments for the most challenging listening situations.
Via Edge AI provides:

  • Industry-leading sound processing that uses the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids. With a simple tap, the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids scans the environment and makes changes instantaneously to help you when you need it most.
  • No buzzing, no whistling, just comfortable, feedback-free listening all day long.
  • Streaming of phone calls, music and messages directly to your hearing aids using your smartphone
  • The world’s first Healthable hearing aid that allow you to track your body and brain health activity and detect when you fall.
  • Easily make adjustments to your hearing aid anytime, anywhere with the Thrive app.
  • Healthable rechargeable devices with up to 24 hours of superior hearing. Available in the world’s first custom-molded styles. Results vary based on wireless and feature usage.